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Getting Your Home Ready for a Showing

Oct 23, 2018 04:16PM

Getting Your Home Ready for a Showing

 It's that time of year. The time when the children are school and houses are going on the market. wants to move in the middle of the school year? will do many pre-listing appointments in the late winter and early spring. During a pre-listing appointment, I will walk around a home and give my professional opinion based on the current market trends. I have clients tell me, “We are going to paint this room, install granite counter tops, redo the kitchen, etc...” I do not want my clients to spend money where they do not have to, but I want to yield them the most money for their home. If you have considered a little remodel or freshening up the home before it goes on the market, here are items to consider.


A room should not have wall-to-wall furniture. This is one of the most inexpensive items to do that yields the most return. Organize the closets, rent a storage locker, have a huge yard sale! The less “stuff” you have in the home, the bigger your home will feel. People picture themselves in each room and the moment a buyer does not feel comfort- able in a space, it’s on to the next listing.


If a room is bright orange, I would definitely suggest re- painting. Currently, buyers want neutral wall colors. Wall- paper, especially wall border, dates a home and can deter a prospective buyer. Wallpaper can be a bugger to get off the wall and buyers realize this. Their time is money. Most buyers would rather pay more for a home then have to deal with removing wallpaper. Obviously, there isn’t a single paint color that will appeal to every potential buyer. But as long as the room looks fresh and put together, it is not worth your time as a seller to repaint. Strive to keep it neat, keep it clean, and keep it neutral.


Sellers often ask if they should install hardwood, tile, or carpet. My answer will vary depending on the condition of the flooring they want to replace and the sale price of the home. Sometimes a client will want to put in new flooring because they feel more buyers will like it. That maybe the case but it may not be worth your return. If it is dated, I would suggest installing new. If it is dirty, get it professionally cleaned.

The key to any project you do to your home is finding what will yield you the most equity without spending a for- tune to do them. You do not want to over upgrade, but you do not want to cut corners either. We know every home will not be perfect. We realize that not everyone has extra money to make minor repairs. Try to at least de-clutter your home, and I would suggest making it known to the buyer that you are willing to give a credit. Offer monies to the buyer towards their closing costs for new carpet and/ or paint. If the buyer knows they will have extra monies to fix cosmetic items, they will look past them. If you have considered placing your home on the market, please email me to schedule a pre-listing walk through.

Lauren Cronmiller is a real estate agent for the Cronmiller Team at Keller Williams Real Estate in Doylestown. She has been a realtor since 2006 receiving Philadelphia’s 5 Star Real Estate Agent award for the past 4 years. Lauren can be reached at her office 215-340-5700, always on her cell phone 215-870-2398, or through email lmcron- [email protected]