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Winter Digital Edition 2019

Dec 19, 2019 10:06AM ● By Karen Kovacs
For the most part, we all cherish a heartfelt desire to engage in a deeply meaningful relationship in our lifetime. Releasing the burden of personal emotional baggage frees us all to build a more content relationship, one we may even consider perfect for us. Through meditation and increasing self-awareness we can come to see the essence of who we are as a perfect lovable being. Opening ourselves up to receive and live such an enlightened relationship means taking off any judgment hat and seeing past shortcomings to behold a beloved's true self, and whole-heartedly embracing time spend together. This allows real love to flow.
Valentine's Day brings out the romantic in us all. It can give us insightful clues on creating a loving relationship with a special someone that will not only survive, but thrive. Nurturing the relationship is as important to a lasting love as the mutual attraction that sparked it all in the first place. Love needs to be cultivated daily and is always a work in progress- as we all are.
Sharing healthy foods is yet another way to support mutual well-being. Eating the right things can benefit your attitudes and romance. So go ahead and spoil yourself this Valentine's Day with a little wine & chocolate and in the process enjoy the season of love!